Who am I?

I’m the kid whose school notebooks contained more doodles than words, and actually did get to grow up to be a cartoonist.

I’m the dad you see with his adorable boys at the playground or the grocery store on a weekday morning.

I’m the husband who does most of the cooking, and does it well.

I’m the follower of Christ who worships his heart out in song.

I’m the geek in the t-shirt with the obscure math joke or robot on it.

I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

I’ve been a dad since September 2008, when our first son, Tucker, made his dramatic appearance. I took on the reins as primary caregiver for Tucker in June 2009. Previously, I’d been a professional designer and artist, but being a full-time at-home dad is the best job I’ve ever had. We welcomed a second son into the family in January 2011, Coltrane, which has exponentially added to both the work, and the pleasure.

We currently live in Portland, Oregon, and love it here.

What is Daddy Doctrines?

The Daddy Doctrines was my attempt to throw my hat into the ring of daddy-blogging. Mainly, it served the dual purposes of giving me something of a creative outlet, and a place to show off how awesome my kids are. Seriously, they’re great.

But then in March of 2010, things changed, when a little something I like to call The Huggies Thing happened, when my part in petitioning Kimberly-Clark to change a poorly thought out advertising campaign succeeded, beyond my wildest expectations, and got the media’s attention. I got to do lots of fun interviews. It was kinda surreal.

Perhaps that’s what brought you here!  If so, welcome!

It’s become my hope that the Daddy Doctrines would be about adding a dad’s voice to the parenting conversation, and I’m overjoyed that The Huggies Thing has allowed me to do that. If I can shed a little light on real daily life for your average stay-at-home dad, to any that would hear, be they fellow SAHDs, working dads, single dads, plus moms, grandparents, and anyone in between, then I call it Mission: Accomplished.

A few of the places Chris Routly and Daddy Doctrines has been featured:

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