What Do My Toddlers Want for Lunch?

What Do My Toddlers Want for Lunch?

For a long time I’ve considered both of my boys to be, all things considered, “good eaters.” Battles over food are fairly few, and they’ve both been willing to try (and sometimes end up liking a lot) many different, sometimes surprising foods.

That said… they are still toddlers. And given the choice, what they want to eat seems to be the same thing every toddler wants: something other than what I’ve made.

I imagine even the most adventurous toddler’s meal selection would look something like this.

Does this look familiar? What sorts of foods are the “go to” requests for your kids?

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Jessica says:

Fruit, fruit, and more fruit. Which, in some ways is nice, but I really would love to see him eat more than that. Carbs aren’t quite the problem for us since he is extremely gluten intolerant and really doesn’t like the gluten free options.